Review: Bad Brides by Rebecca Chance (5/5)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Two brides. One prize. Who will come out on top?

Milly Gamble is an up-and-coming actress, and the perfect English flower child. At 23, she's always been cast as the innocent heroine. But looks can deceive. Calculating and fiercely ambitious, Milly is determined to be the most famous star in England. And how better to achieve her goal than by dating Tarquin Ormond, lead singer of the biggest folk band of the moment? Tarquin is madly in love with Milly; Milly is only in love with herself.

Brianna Jade is an all-American pageant girl. The daughter of Tamra Maloney, a stunning billionairess, Brianna is a sweet, pretty girl who is more than happy to go along with her mother's ambitious plans for her. Now Tamra's brought her to the UK and hooked her up with an Earl. He has a crumbling stately home and needs a rich wife to help restore it to its former glory. Tamra is as ambitious and determined as Brianna is sweet and innocent - is this more a case of mother-in-law-zilla than bridezilla?

Both Milly and Brianna's upcoming weddings will be huge, lavish events that garner national press. But with the cover of the biggest magazine in the country to be won, things are about to get very dirty…

Okay so my not so guilty pleasure is reading the books of this amazing woman, Rebecca Chance. When she followed me on Twitter we had some fantastic conversations and I promised I would read this book ASAP. I eventually got round to reading it over the past few days and I LOVED it.

I'm going to admit that the subject didn't really excite me, weddings and brides aren't something I would ordinarily choose to read about but I knew I couldn't not read it if Rebecca's previous books are anything to go by. She writes the most fabulously outrageous characters and comes up with some even more outrageous plots for her characters to get involved in. I did find it a bit hard to get into, however after about 80 or so pages I was hooked!

Bad Brides opens with the editor of Style magazine Jodie Raeburn getting all hot under the collar about a 2cm girth. Not all that impressive until you realise it's magazine girth where that is particularly impressive. Jodie is about to announce the magazine's first ever cover star, Milly Gamble or Brianna Jade. And then we go back in time to meet these two girls and read all about their battle to be the first cover stars of the magazine.

I'm just going to say it, I did really like Milly in the opening chapters. For me I do just love to read about the bitchy characters or the spoilt characters. In previous books Rebecca's spoilt little rich kid characters have been some of my favourites, they are born into it and are grown up being given everything they could possibly want and so they don't know any better than to demand and expect the world. They are also really fun to read about and not that hard to imagine existing because they DO exist! On the other hand you have Brianna Jade (or BJ?!) and her mother Tamra who have fought (or in Tamra's case slept) their way to the top. I really liked Brianna although in the beginning I found her a bit too sweet.

The sex scenes in this book are some of Rebecca's steamiest and most explicit yet. Prudes and those who would need to blow the cobwebs away before getting down to it should steer way clear of this book. I read a 1 star review comparing it to porn, err yes it's a Rebecca Chance book and half the reason we read them. One particularly explicit scene featured Brianna's mum, described as the ultimate MILF, Tamra (or, the Fracking Queen). I loved this woman, she has literally fucked people to death in her quest for a better life for her and her daughter. Underneath it all exists a really close mother and daughter bond and I loved reading about these two characters who had come from nothing. Rebecca is extremely descriptive in everything she is talking about, whether that be genitalia or simple things like the objects in a room. She really creates vivid pictures in my mind!

What I love about Rebecca's books is they can be read standalone but her characters exist in the same world. So there are mentions of previous characters here, including a certain gay footballer who is now married and the fabulous Victoria Glossop who I loved in Killer Heels, think Wilhelmina Slater. I would say though that Rebecca's books are best read in order as even though previous characters are mentioned they are talked about in a way which could potentially give away the plots of previous books. I loved this book overall and can't recommend it enough, the last few chapters and indeed a lot of the book were shocking and I couldn't read quick enough but I wouldn't expect anything less from this author. Complete and utter filth in the best possible way. I'm yet to see anyone reading a Rebecca Chance book in public but I would applaud anyone who does!

I now only have Killer Queens to read and it'll then be a long wait for Rebecca's next book which I am sure will be as fantastic as all her others and I for one cannot wait.




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