Review Policy

I only read books that I have purchased myself; from Kindle Unlimited; or occasionally from NetGalley. I might also sometimes review a book I have been sent direct from an author or publicist who I have worked with previously. I no longer review proofs, or take part in blog tours. Any requests to review a book from an author/publicist I have not worked with previously will be ignored. 

As well as reviewing books I have bought or borrowed from the library, I also receive them from publishers. Reviews of books from publishers will have the source as 'Review copy', this means I have been sent a copy of that book for free in return for an honest review.

I read: Crime, Thriller, Chick Lit/Women's Fiction, Young Adult, True Crime, Autobiographies. These are the only genres I will consider books from.

I take part in blog tours and will post a review, interview or original content from the author that isn't being published elsewhere. I am not interested in cover reveals, or content which will be copied and pasted across various blogs.

I prefer digital copies (preferably in .mobi format) or NetGalley widgets, but I can also accept paperbacks/hardbacks.

Books will be read depending on mood but I do endeavor to review books received early by release if sent at least 5 weeks before publication date. If the book was sent after publication date please don't chase up the review.

I am currently NOT accepting requests from self-published authors or indie publishers unless I've read one of your books before or approach you personally.

If I don't reply to your request for a review, please assume that I am not interested at this time.

My reading time is precious and I only review books that I finish. If I'm not enjoying a book after 40% or so I won't finish it. Please consider this if sending books for review. I don't have time to read books I'm not enjoying.


  1. Hi Shaun, just came to your fab blog after seeing your name on Becca'sBooks blog. Im intrigued by your choice of books :) I've got a chicklit up on netgalley now, which you might like to dip into, to see if it's your thing. It's called High Heels & Bicycle Wheels, and is chicklit featuring a pro cyclist hero. Sorry, it's only in ebook now, out on 17th July, published by HarperImpulse so it's nicely formatted. I'm @janelinfoot on twitter, so message me there if you'd like me to send you a copy or any support files. So hope it's your thing, I'd love to be featured on here :) Best wishes, Jane

  2. Hi Shaun, we work with many published authors, within the genres you mention, could you let us know your email so we can send some info over please?

    kris AT authoramp DOT com

  3. Hi Shaun - your site was highly recommended to me by an author friend ... Telos Publishing would love to send you some Crime titles to consider ... can you let me have an email we can talk on please? Thanks -- David -- david at telos DOT co DOT uk

  4. Hi Shaun, a few years ago you reviewed Eve Makis' "The Golden Apple" and really enjoyed it. I'm her nephew and have published my debut novel on Amazon about Greece (a political thriller with a tragic romance and a female protagonist), with a print on demand agency.

    I appreciate you're very busy and may not wish to review anything right now but I thought I'd contact you as Eve recommended you to me.

    If you are interested, please email me: and I'd be happy to provide whichever format you require.

    All the best,


  5. Hi Shaun,

    Apologies...I realise it was her later work, The Spice Box you reviewed. I still believe you'll enjoy the political thrill of my debut novel and would be glad to work with you to facilitate the reviewing process.

    Thanks again.


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