Hall of Fame Review: Nothing But The Truth by Vicky Pattison (5/5)

Sunday 17 August 2014
Vicky Pattison always had big dreams, but four years ago she was working in a call centre in Newcastle and those dreams looked like they might never come true. Could a new reality series, Geordie Shore, be the big break she had been waiting for? Chosen from among thousands of hopefuls to take part in the controversial show, outspoken and outrageous Vicky was an immediate hit. Finally she was on her way to becoming a star . . .

Living your life on screen isn't always easy, however, and Vicky soon found herself struggling to cope: her relationship was toxic, her weight ballooning and her self-esteem in tatters. It looked like the glamorous and confident Vicky Pattison everyone knew was gone for good.

But you can't keep a good Geordie girl down and now, for the first time, Vicky will reveal how she has turned her life around - and dish the dirt on what really goes on in the Geordie Shore house.

And Vicky's not afraid to turn the spotlight on herself, exposing the sensitive soul underneath her famously tough exterior and speaking frankly about her battle with her weight, her run-ins with the law and the painful truth about her tempestuous relationship with castmate Ricci.

It's time for Vicky Pattison to tell the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

I've been excited for this book ever since it was announced so was very happy to get my hands on a review copy. Vicky Pattison is known for her brutal honesty and killer put downs I really hoped this book would live up to its blurb. Well, it did and then some. Ultimately it has made me an even bigger fan and made me respect Vicky more and see her in a completely different light. 

I loved reading about Vicky before she became famous especially the chapters surrounding her time at university in Liverpool and how she very nearly gave up because of how lonely she felt. I could definitely relate to her here, unfortunately my time at university didn't have the happy ending that hers had but I loved the fact she came to study in Liverpool. Geordies and Scousers are very similar so it was the perfect place for her to study. I'm assuming some people might be shocked that Vicky actually did well at school never mind has a degree, I loved that she was popular but friends with the 'geeks' too and that she wasn't afraid to say no to acting like an idiot in school. Young girls reading this book should take that advice and aspire to do well. A few years messing round with 'friends' you probably won't see when school is over isn't worth a lifetime of misery.

There is plenty of insider gossip into how Geordie Shore works which I enjoyed reading. We know it's the most realistic out of all the reality TV shows given that it isn't scripted and the cast are pretty much given free reign but it's quite twisted the way some things are done and whilst we see them getting drunk, arguing but ultimately looking like they are having an amazing time we don't really sit back and think about how it's effecting them emotionally. People automatically think fame and money brings you happiness but if anything it's the opposite here. Vicky was unhappy before she went into Geordie Shore, worrying about the future and saw it as a lifeline in a way but it was what happened when she got into the house that could have destroyed her. I think we all know what (or who) that was. Vicky speaks about her relationship with Ricci with searing honesty. It's no secret that their relationship was toxic. It was uncomfortable to watch and the chapters surrounding that weren't nice to read. That relationship could have ruined both her life and her career but luckily it didn't.

Vicky is very open and honest about everything she talks about, she takes the blame for things she has done wrong and the book is definitely a warts and all account of her life and not just the bits she wants us to read. Her battle with weight especially, she now looks the best she has ever looked and she's definitely an inspiration to women everywhere given the success of her DVD. As someone that has struggled with weight over the years and with comments from idiots in the real world it's no surprise to read about the abuse she got on Twitter, something about a keyboard brings out the worst in people and it's not nice.

Vicky definitely gets the last laugh though over Ricci, the Keyboard Warriors and anyone who has ever slagged her off in the past. I loved this section of the book and wish I had the courage to live my life like this: 'I believe in life you have to have the courage of your convictions and if you believe what you're doing is right then go with it and fuck everyone else'. I've spent much of my life wanting acceptance from others and worrying what they think yet Vicky shows at the end of the day the opinions of people you don't care for and don't care for you are worthless. Fans of Vicky and Geordie Shore will love this book and those with a negative opinion about Vicky or the show could read it and change their opinions.

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