Review: Me Me Me by Charlotte Crosby

Monday 27 July 2015
Title: Me Me Me
Author: Charlotte Crosby
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 16th July 2015
Pages: 304
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 5/5
Purchase: Amazon
Charlotte Crosby has been one of the UK's best-loved TV stars since she burst onto the celeb scene in 2011 with Geordie Shore. Laugh-out-loud hilarious, genuine, and a proper Geordie, Charlotte's popularity has even seen her crowned winner of 2013's Celebrity Big Brother.

With her trademark humour and warmth, in ME ME ME Charlotte takes us on a very unique journey through her eventful teenage years (where literally nothing is off limits!), her attempts at holding down jobs (and booze), the life-changing experience of Geordie Shore, the truth about Gaz and his parsnip, and her inspiring weight-loss triumph. Full of drawings, doodles, and Charlotte's personal photos, this will be unlike any other celebrity autobiography on the market. Extremely personal, insanely honest and pant-wettingly funny.

Charlotte Crosby's Me Me Me is the fourth book to be released from the Geordie Shore lot and I've now read them all. I found Charlotte's to be refreshingly honest, and it was almost like she was reading it to you herself because it was all so obviously Charlotte's voice. Sometimes I think a ghostwriter can uses words and/or phrases that the celebrity just wouldn't say but Lucie Cave (who I love!) has really helped bring Charlotte to life on the page, warts and all!

With someone like Charlotte who is so honest and, well, outrageous I wondered beforehand whether Headline might have toned her down, I'll just say that they definitely didn't! Charlotte clearly has no issues with sharing her whole life, good and bad - and that's the only way to be when you are sharing your life story. There's some moments and scenes in this book that are just so crazily out there and outrageous, including a disgustingly hilarious scene that's so bad, it didn't even make the cut on Geordie Shore, and in actual fact Charlotte almost never even got on the show because some of the bosses didn't believe the stories she was telling them. That should highlight just how shocking (and hilarious) Me Me Me is at times.

Me Me Me is an autobiography with all of the good bits and none of the boring bits. Charlotte choosing to share stories about her life that she knows readers will be wanting to hear the most, and that includes everything about her relationship with Gaz, her relationships with men in general and how she has had to cope with living her life in the public eye. Charlotte is completely honest and any mistakes she talks about, she completely holds her hands up to them. There's a number of stories about the Geordie Shore lot and Gaz that I didn't know beforehand, and I liked how the whole book wasn't a complete recap of what we already knew. There were some chapters I wished were longer, such as her time in Big Brother but I especially enjoyed reading about Charlotte's life growing up, she's had quite the eventful life and truly tested the patience of her parents! Charlotte is a girl that other girls can really relate to which is why I think she's so popular.

Charlotte is now extremely famous yet what I like about her is how she has remained grounded, humble and completely down to Earth and this was the case throughout the whole book. Some of my favourite stories where when she meets other famous people, seeing them as famous but not herself. It reminded me of Jennifer Aniston in Friends whenever Rachel meets someone famous! It's crazy to think about how much she has achieved off the back of a show which is essentially about going out and getting p*ssed but it's quite admiral and something that the haters can never take away from her. I also liked how every other page wasn't a glorified advert for her products, yes of course they are mentioned but not in a 'OMG buy my stuff!' way. Fans of Charlotte will love Me Me Me and it has already hit number one. I finished the book with a lot of respect for Charlotte and I think other readers will too.

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  1. Ah Shaun I must admit, I haven't watched Geordie Shore for a few seasons but I do like Charlotte and would like to read this one. Grand review.



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