Review: Broken Heart by Tim Weaver

Friday 26 August 2016
Title: Broken Heart
Author: Tim Weaver
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 28th July 2016
Pages: 528
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5/5
Purchase: Amazon
A woman drives to a secluded beauty spot on the Somerset coast.
CCTV watches her enter but doesn't see her leaving.
In fact, Lynda Korin is never seen again.

How can someone just disappear?

Her sister calls missing persons investigator David Raker.
For him, the mystery of where she went is only the start. The real question is why a woman with no reason to run would choose to leave her entire life behind?

Was it her decision? Or did someone make it for her?

Raker is an expert at following the echoes of decades-old lies. But only Lynda Korin knows the most shocking secret of all - and she's missing, presumed dead...

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a huge fan of Tim Weaver and his fantastic David Raker series. It was a torturous countdown to publication day until I could finally get my hands on a copy of Broken Heart. This is a series that just goes from strength to strength and if you are yet to discover it for yourselves, then you must start it as soon as possible. There's a lot that I want to say about Broken Heart but as always I am worried about revealing too much.

Broken Heart actually took me a little time to get to grips with. In the past I've usually became hooked on Tim's books straightaway but this time around the story just didn't grip me in the beginning and, dare I say it, I wondered just where Tim was going with it all. Well, how stupid I felt when just before the halfway mark I was well and truly addicted to this story and a couple of late nights later I finished it in the middle of the night saying to myself that it might just be one of Tim's best books yet.

The reason why lies mostly in the story. Previous books in this series have often focused heavily on the personal life of David Raker and sometimes those he associates with, this time around it is very much the story of Lynda Korin, a woman who vanished from a secluded beauty spot in Somerset leaving behind a truly intriguing amount of evidence and clues that David must sift through in order to find answers. I will not allude to the story too much except to say that I am a huge fan of films and the movie business, and studied Film Studies at A Level and this book reminded me of all the old noir films we had to watch at the time. I imagine Tim had a lot of fun writing this book and those who are fans of film will just love the twists and turns that occur as the story progresses and the level of detail Tim goes into about the movie business.

I've always wondered in the past just how Tim plots and writes his books because the plot and the storytelling really is just brilliant. What starts out in the beginning as a disappearance of a seemingly normal woman is soon shown to be anything but as one hell of a complicated mystery soon presents itself for the reader and David to solve. Lynda Korin has lived quite the eventful life and the reader is soon taken on a journey right across that life and that of those she worked with and loved as David attempts to make sense of how and why she disappeared. I honestly had no idea how things would progress as I read and it was the denouement of this story that was perhaps the strongest part of it because it was just so good and contained a number of twists that I just failed to see coming. The blurb doesn't even hint at where this story might go, and that's why it's best to go into it knowing as little as possible.

Broken Heart does feel somewhat different than Tim's previous books (for want of a better description) but in terms of the writing, plot and character, it's Tim Weaver doing what he does best and writing another incredibly addictive tale that kept me guessing throughout and, as always, left me impatiently waiting for more. This series is just fantastic and please check it out if you haven't already. Tim is an author whose next book I pre-order the minute it becomes available and there are not many authors I do that for which I hope is a sign of just how good this series is and how much I love it (and if Tim ever writes a story not featuring David Raker then I'll be pre-ordering that straightaway too).

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