Review: Dead Man's Gift (1: Yesterday) by Simon Kernick

Friday 23 May 2014


The FIRST direct to digital short-story in a race-against-time three-part adventure from the bestselling author of Relentless, Siege and Ultimatum, Simon Kernick.

MP Tim Horton arrives home to find his seven year old son has been abducted by a ruthless gang of kidnappers. All they have left behind is the brutally murdered body of the Horton’s nanny.

The gang’s demands are simple: Tim must sacrifice his own life in order to save his son’s.

It’s the ultimate dead man’s gift …

If ever there was an author made for serialisation that author is Simon Kernick. I consider him one of the best thriller writers in the world, his books literally take my breath away and have me on the edge of the seat reading at lightning fast pace. That however is with a full length novel, with this serialisation you have to wait a whole week in between releases! Which means after the cliffhanger in this book I cannot bear to wait for a week! As Kernick himself says in the Author's Note, the crime and thriller genre is pretty much perfect for serialisation.
I received my NetGalley acceptance email at 4.05 and finished the book at 4.35. So not a long read but a gripping one all the same. MP Tim Horton arrives home to find his wife distraught, the nanny murdered and his child kidnapped by unknown perpetrators who have fitted cameras in his home and have given him the demand that should he want his child to be returned safe, he must take his own life. Call it a Dead Man's Gift...
This book screams Kernick. You just know when you are reading a book from this author. The writing is gripping and the story moves at a quick pace. Horton of course doesn't just sit around the table weeping about his son he calls on somebody for help, Scope who is ex-army and sets out to find the kidnappers before they can kill Horton's son. And then something major happens and the book finishes and I was practically screaming! The second instalment cannot come quick enough as far as I am concerned!

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