Review: Make My Wish Come True by Katie Price (4.5/5)

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Take one showbiz reporter; one sexy TV chef; one creepy ex-boyfriend plenty of sex and scandal and you have all the ingredients to Make My Wish Come True from the bestselling Katie Price.

Storm always wanted to be a celebrity reporter. But when she lands the job of her dreams, it costs her her best friend.

However, apart from her creepy ex-boyfriend, Storm loves the job. Until she’s asked to go undercover to find out if sexy TV chef Nico Alvise is cheating on his girlfriend. Storm knows it’s wrong but agrees because she likes him. A LOT. And she’s determined to protect him.

She didn’t bank on them falling in love though. But Nico has secrets to hide, and he hates journalists.

So when he finds out what Storm does, the fallout is brutal.

Suddenly jobless, friendless and heartbroken at the most romantic time of the year, Storm knows that no matter how hard she wishes, Nico will never forgive her…
I long ago stopped trying to defend certain books I read, and the novels of Katie Price are no exception. They aren't so much a guilty pleasure as a pure pleasure. Sometimes you want something that is easy to read and which doesn't require a lot of thinking and Katie's books are exactly that. Make My Wish Come True is probably one of my favourites so far, which given how good the last few have been must mean this one is pretty good too! I keep saying I want Katie to return to Angel Summer and give us a new book featuring her, but I then finish one of her latest books and end up loving the main character from that book.

This time around it's journalist Storm (yes, another crazy name although quite tame to previous characters) who is stuck in a rut, not doing the job she dreamed of she wants nothing more than to become a showbiz journalist. I liked Storm, but found her a bit naive in the beginning but think that was perhaps a bit contrived to push the story forward, it's hard to say why without ruining it but let's just say her boyfriend completely does her over. As a journalist, and a showbiz one at that she's quite 'nice' and normal, rather than hungry for a story. In the beginning, anyway. Eventually Storm does get the journalism job she's always dreamed of, but it isn't without its problems. For a start she has to find out whether the latest celebrity chef, Nico Alvarez is playing away. Her first meeting with said chef doesn't go down too well, although she's left feeling hotter than anything he's ever cooked in his kitchen. Nico wasn't the best male character Katie has created, but the ladies will still love him.

Katie's books are always so readable, I power through them in pretty much less than a day and this was no exception. You can always guarantee that they will be outrageous, almost a less tame version of her own life with realistic and lifelike characters. Each of her  characters has a personality of their own, the storylines are always original making the books so much more enjoyable than if it was just the same old rubbish every single time. Regular readers will of course recognise some old faces. Brighton royalty Angel Summer makes an appearance, as does her gay BFF Jez and his partner Rufus. When Jez is about trouble and hilarity aren't usually far behind, add in some outrageous dancing and a table full of champagne and well, you get where this is going... I do like it when a book can be read as a standalone but features the same characters, albeit briefly, as they all exist in the same world adding a sense of realism to the book.

Despite the obvious Christmassy title and cover, the book is about so much more than Christmas, meaning this book can be read all year round (as we'll see when the Summer paperback comes around). If you're not a reading snob who is ashamed to read something less highbrow every now and again, pick this book up, if you are a snob and want something fun and entertaining to pass a few hours, pick up this book on Kindle! One of Katie's best yet, and I can't wait for the next one.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy. 

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