Review: One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin (4/5)

Wednesday 5 November 2014
The eagerly anticipated follow-up to One Hundred Proposals.

If you thought Harry & Suzie’s life couldn't get anymore sweepingly romantic than Harry asking her to marry him at the end of One Hundred Proposals – think again!

It’s Christmas in a snow-kissed London, and have vowed to carry out one hundred proposals in December. No easy task at the best of times - made even more complicated by Harry & Suzie trying to plan their first Christmas and a visit from the dreaded in-laws. But one hundred deliciously Christmassy proposals later they find themselves asking if everything is still perfect in their own relationship….

Welcome back to the divinely warm world of One Hundred Proposals – with a sprinkling of pure, joyful, festive magic.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas indeed with Holly Martin’s Christmas novella.

When I reached the end of One Hundred Proposals I was left wanting more. I wasn't ready to leave the world of Harry and Suzie behind, so when I heard about One Hundred Christmas Proposals I couldn't wait to read it and I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour. I am also mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the book which is amazing. At just six chapters, it's a really short read. Holly has been super busy writing this year so we are incredibly lucky to be given this little Christmas treat, and what a treat it is.

You really do need to have read One Hundred Proposals to fully appreciate this book. It could perhaps work as a standalone yet knowing the characters, and how they got to where they are now just makes the story all the more enjoyable. Harry and Suzie are perfect for each other. Now they are engaged however I was worried. Part of the enjoyment from the romance in One Hundred Proposals, and other books like it, is always the thrill of the chase, and the will they/won't they scenarios. The characters overcoming the obstacles in their way to find their happy ever after. I didn't therefore just want the book to be Harry and Suzie being all lovey dovey, I wanted there to be a little bit of tension, perhaps a few secrets and again, some hurdles before we reached the ending and luckily we got that here.

Suzie is eager to get married and wants to set a date yet Harry appears a little reluctant to do so. In the beginning he is also hiding something from Suzie which has her worrying he might be up to no good. Then there are some jaw dropping developments partway through the book, and it is huge. Say no more... Add into the mix her parents who still don't know their daughter in law has found a new love and there's so much going on in such a short space of time. Only a talented author can actually make a novella almost as good as a full length novel, Holly is a fantastic author who never fails to enthrall me with the stories she creates and she is more than capable of making a novella just as good as a novel. From the first page I was hooked, and had this read in one sitting.

Once again Holly has come up with some brilliant ideas for proposals, and some people will recognise the names of some of the people being proposed to! It's such a nice touch and as Holly is very involved in the blogging world it's fantastic that she adds stuff like this to her books. The Christmas element is also brilliant and definitely got me in the mood for the upcoming festivities. Waking up on Christmas morning is always a magical feeling and I love how that was the case here for Suzie and Harry. There's so much more I want to say about the book but it's hard to review novellas because they are so short. This is though the perfect Christmas read, and the perfect sequel to what was one of my favourite books of the year. Suzie and Harry's story is still not complete, and there's so much to still explore with these two characters that I hope Holly returns to them in the future, either with a novel or another short. Either way I'm once again thinking about these two characters nonstop and really want to read about what's going to happen to them next.

Thanks to Holly Martin for the review copy.

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