Review: Fire Point by Sean Black (5/5)

Tuesday 16 December 2014
The sixth novel in the Ryan Lock series. Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are in Los Angeles and on the trail of an unlikely cult who are planning on taking their message to the world in the most devastating fashion imaginable.

Christmas definitely came early when this book landed in my inbox. Sean Black is one of my favourite authors, and two releases from him in one year is a real treat. I can't actually believe this is the sixth Ryan Lock novel, a series which is easily my favourite thriller series, and one which I still think is totally underrated as so many people I ask have never read one of Sean's books. Sean contacted me a few years ago to thank me for writing a review of The Devil's Bounty, and that small act is one of the reasons I started a book blog in the first place. An author reading your review is a great feeling.

The book opens introducing us to a gang attempting to kidnap a woman off the street, 'Krank' is the leader and we learn that kidnapping the girl is some sort of initiation process to the gang. The reasoning and origin is unknown in the beginning but we later learn it's a cult, made up of some strange individuals. 'MG', the latest recruit is showing some apprehension at carrying out what he has been asked to do. Ryan Lock is recruited by Tarian Griffiths as she is worried that her son Marcus might be in danger, Lock isn't sure about the case at first until a search of Marcus's apartment results in them being shot at. The situation then becomes a lot more complicated and Lock and his partner, Ty are soon stuck right in the middle of it.

Sean is a writer that constantly tricks me whilst I read, the twists come at just the right times, throwing me off course more than once. That old cliche of a book being jaw dropping is very true here as mine did literally drop a couple of times. The book therefore isn't predictable in the slightest, you might think you know what's going to happen but just be prepared to be totally wrong! Story wise this is probably one of Sean's strongest yet, and it was one that kept me completely hooked throughout. His ability to create nasty and evil characters seemingly knows no bounds as the ones here were hateful, yet believable at the same time.

Lock and Ty are such a brilliant and believable duo. Both similar characters but also very different, with personality traits that balance each other out. When they aren't together it feels weird and when they are, they're unstoppable. I would definitely want these two on my side if I ever needed help. The character development over the course of the series has been brilliant, these are two characters you really root for, and who after six books you find yourself caring about despite them being fictional. Some heart stopping moments both in this and previous books involving Lock and Ty have had me almost shouting at my Kindle.

Short sharp chapters make this an extremely exciting and fast paced read, the action very rarely lets up and I was loath to put this book down at times, even when my eyes just wouldn't stay open. Sean's books are just perfect for the big screen with plenty of vivid, cinematic scenes. Sean has now left me with the trouble of choosing between this and The Innocent for a place in my Top Ten Books of the Year which I am revealing on Christmas Eve. For fans of Lee Child and Matt Hilton yet to pick up a Sean Black book, what are you waiting for? Christmas is the best time to treat yourself and you will not regret it if you do. Sean, how long until the next one?!

Thanks to Sean Black for the review copy. 

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