Guest Post: Writing Commandments I Live By by Gayle Curtis

Friday 24 June 2016
Cecelia and Sebastian have a connection like no other - more than just brother and sister, they'll go to any lengths to protect each other. Growing up in a bleak old farmhouse, their mother gone and their father violent and abusive, the twins have only each other to keep them alive.

But when the secrets of their mother's disappearance start to emerge, and truth and lies are thrown into question, events take a terrifying turn . . .

As Cecelia tries to break away from the ties that bind her to her brother, Sebastian is determined that the twins should be together - whatever the costs.

Writing Commandments I Live By
by Gayle Curtis

A pen would help, is a phrase I often murmur when I’m looking for something to write on and with. I buy stacks of blue Bic biros, I love to write with them, they’re clean and smooth. I have to purchase quite a lot because the cat likes stealing them, I imagine he is writing a tome somewhere.

This leads me to the next important thing I can’t seem to write without. A cat. Any shape, size or breed will do. If you don’t allow them to take over the household, they’re quite good at organising your writing day. For example, they allow you to squidge them when you need time to think. I can often be seen staring blankly out of the window squidging a cat’s stomach. They cleverly bring you back into the room by clamping their claws around your face or hands – a signal to get on with some work. They are also good at fitness training – I’ve learnt some of my best yoga moves from the cat. Lolling on your notepad so you can’t work usually signifies a revision of said writing, in the most diplomatic and sensitive manner because they believe what you have taken all day to formulate is shockingly bad and ultimately, rubbish. They’re usually right.

Another thing I can’t write without is an atmosphere, an ambience! I’m not talking about flowers and soft lighting. I need the right surroundings to feel creative. I don’t always sit at my desk, I usually save this for when I’m writing and editing on the computer. When I write long hand, I can sit anywhere I like. Sometimes I sit on the stairs – not difficult in our house, we live in a chapel. When I was a child, I used to sit amongst the shrubs at the bottom of the garden, or a particular favourite was the shed with all its musty smell and gloomy atmosphere. It’s important to me to be comfortable and happy when I’m writing. I love the sunshine and that’s a special time to sit outdoors and write but equally I adore the rainy days we have; they make for some really dark writing when I can totally absorb myself in an oh so depressing story.

The final commandment is music or white noise. Most of the time I play tunes while I’m working; it can conjure up so many emotions and feelings. My taste is wide. Some days I’ll play Ben Howard, other days it’ll be Dario Marianelli, Patsy Cline or Radio One’s Live Lounge. Anything really. I just bought a copy of Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and I love that at the moment.

If I’m not listening to music or having a silent day, I will always have the television on low in the back ground – white noise, it keeps you present, buoyant if you like. I think it’s important to stay grounded when you’re writing otherwise you disappear altogether.

Published by Twenty7 eBook, 30th June 2016, £4.99
A devastating and unsettling story of a powerful and unshakeable twin bond, Too Close is a twisty and gripping tale of secrets and lies. For fans of The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

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