6 Thriller Series Everybody Should Read

Friday 6 November 2015
1. Sean Black's Ryan Lock series

This series is my absolute favourite when it comes to thrillers. I still remember the day I read Sean's first book, Lockdown. I wasn't that far into it when I realised it was a series I would love. Each book offers something different and takes the reader to a place so far removed from their own world (or in my case it did!) and also continues the story of an intriguing and very likeable character, Ryan Lock. There are currently six novels in the series all of which can be read standalone. I highly recommend Deadlock, The Devil's Bounty and The Innocent.

Sean Black is also one of the reasons you are reading this post in the first place as he inspired me to start a blog when he contacted me via Goodreads to thank me for my review of his then latest book, The Devil's Bounty. I couldn't believe an author had taken the time out of their day just to thank me for a review and it came on a pretty rubbish day so it cheered me up no end!

2. Tim Weaver's David Raker series

Tim Weaver's books are crime thrillers but still, a thriller is a thriller and Tim's books contain everything that makes a thriller so addictive to read. Anybody who reads my blog or follows me on Twitter might have seen me mention Tim's books before (especially once those proofs appear...) but he is an author I am constantly recommending to anybody who will listen and so far, all recommendations have been well received. Read one of his books and you'll understand why. Focusing on missing persons investigator David Raker, each book takes both the reader and Raker on a heartstopping journey and like with Sean Black, each installment offers something different, each containing a unique case for Raker to uncover. My personal favourites have so far been Vanished, Fall From Grace and his latest novel, What Remains.

3. Matt Hilton's Joe Hunter series

Have you ever picked up the first book in a series, devoured it in a day and then spent the next week demolishing the others? Either you have (because you are reading a book blog) or you haven't (and therefore are doing something wrong). A while ago I was looking for a new thriller series to pick up and checked out Dead Men's Dust. Not even a week later and I had almost powered through the series. I was a Joe Hunter addict. If you like thrillers which are cinematic, more action-packed than any Hollywood blockbuster and which contain real and believable characters, I can't think of a better series out there than Matt's Joe Hunter series. Unless his upcoming Tess Grey series is better of course, we'll find out soon! I highly recommend Cut and Run, Judgement & Wrath and Dead Men's Harvest.

4. Dreda Say Mitchell's thrillers

Dreda Say Mitchell has been a successful writer for many years, writing books in my favourite genre focusing on gangland London. But, the multi-talented Dreda recently turned her hand to thriller writing, with huge success in my opinion as her first novel Vendetta was one of my favourites of 2014. Each book focuses on a previously introduced character, something I am enjoying as it keeps the series fresh whilst keeping it within the same world. When I picked up Vendetta it took me right back to when I first read a Simon Kernick novel, and in terms of pure excitement and adrenaline, few authors that I've read have done it better than Dreda. I always recommend Dreda's books because I also really like her as a person, she does a lot for the community and is an inspiration to so many people and is very passionate about the East End of London, an area I have great interest in despite being a Scouser! I'd also love to meet her one day as she sounds a right laugh. Vendetta and Death Trap are must reads.

5. Roger Hobbs' Jack White series

If you are looking for a completely fresh and original series then meet Roger Hobbs. Each book is beautifully researched and it's clear throughout both of them that Roger clearly knows what he's talking about, going into great detail about every element of the plot which is something I find completely fascinating. On reading Ghostman I was reminded of one of my favourite authors, Lorenzo Carcaterra. The series focuses on Jack White (not his real name), described as being in the business of disappearing. A professional imposter. He makes things or people disappear. Usually himself as he's often being chased by some seriously bad people who want him dead. There isn't a suitable adjective to describe the level of excitement and adrenaline this series has brought me! I highly recommend Ghostman and Vanishing Games.

6. Mason Cross' Carter Blake series 

Mason's books often feature the tagline 'Perfect for fans of Lee Child' and I'd actually say that I have enjoyed Mason's first two books better than I have any Lee Child. Certainly his more recent ones. In the thriller genre it can be difficult for a new author to come from nowhere with a completely original character (and at the same time write a book which contains those hallmarks thriller readers look for) but Mason seems to have done so quite effortlessly (even though it obviously wasn't!) with his Carter Blake character. This is a very exciting series and when I'm not working, sleeping, eating, binge-watching Netflix, reading or blogging I'm sat in a darkened room awaiting his third book. The Killing Season and The Samaritan are must reads.

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