Review Round Up (June 16th-20th)

Friday 20 June 2014
This post is the show you what I've reviewed this week along with links to read the reviews. Italicised quotes are taken from my review. Hope you enjoy!


The Teashop On the Corner - Milly Johnson (Chick Lit Book of the Week)

"the perfect book for escaping into this Summer!"

"some of the stories felt so real that they just broke my heart."

"Milly hasn't just written a book, she has written a truly remarkable, heartwarming (and heartbreaking!) and life affirming story"

"one of those special books that only come along a few times a year"

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The Ways of the Dead - Neely Tucker

"Stunningly written with such brilliant and believable characters"

"one of the most enjoyable crime fiction novels I've read in a long time"

"This book will suck you in, grip you and not let go until you reach the dramatic end"

"Tucker has written such an authentic and realistic story"

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 Two Weddings and a Baby - Scarlett Bailey

"a hugely enjoyable book that I think people will just love"

"a fantastic setting and brilliant characters alongside a wonderful story"

"Throughout the book it was the relationship between Tamsyn and Ruan (her brother) that I loved the most"

"A very talented author I am happy to have discovered"

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The Killer Next Door - Alex Marwood (Crime Book of the Week)

 "The cast of characters are so varied and different"

"It's gripping, suspenseful and in parts a little bit scary!"

"The book was incredibly addictive"

"It takes a lot to turn my stomach but reading some parts of this book managed it!"

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I Am the Secret WAG - The Secret WAG

"a fun read and told exactly what it's like to be a WAG, both the good and the bad sides of it"

"the Secret WAG talks a lot about how hard it was to give up her career and basically live off her husband's earnings, perhaps I'm just bitter but I didn't feel a massive amount of sympathy here"

"I loved reading about the bitchiness in the Players' Lounge and about the various different types of WAGs"

"it was a fun read and I would add it to your suitcase for reading this Summer"

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The Corpse Bridge - Stephen Booth

"Booth really captures his settings and is extremely knowledgable about what he's talking about"

"I feel like I'm a little bit more cleverer after finishing a Booth novel"

"Fry and Cooper together on the page is always brilliant"

"It wasn't particularly over the top or sensationalist, just a brilliant story you could imagine happening in real life alongside some fantastic characters"

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Wanted - Emlyn Rees


"a rip-roaring, fast paced, heart stopping read and I loved every single minute of it"

"the wait for the follow up to this book will be torture"

"Rees writes the sorts of books you would just love to see on the big screen"

"a book not to miss this Summer"

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Carnal Acts - Sam Alexander

"Whoever this author is I'm desperate to find out"

"Moving at an extremely fast pace the book had my heart beating and jaw dropping numerous times"

"The characters are well crafted, unique and believable"

"It's not often you read a book dealing with so many different themes and doing it so well"

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Love Like the Movies - Victoria Van Tiem

"overall it's a very heartwarming and touching read with some absolutely wonderful characters"

"This book is written like and could be a film"

"A must read this Summer!"

"one of the funniest and most enjoyable stories I have read in a chick lit book"

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