Review: Wanted by Emlyn Rees (5/5)

Thursday 19 June 2014
Danny Shanklin is the world’s most wanted man.

Hunted by nine international intelligence agencies for a terrorist atrocity he did not commit, he’s now trapped in a deadly race against the clock to protect his life, his family, and the world from the people responsible—people intent on true destruction. For though they framed him, these terrorists are really after a much bigger target: six lethal smallpox formulations, any one of which could trigger a global pandemic, leaving only one in three people alive.

With the help of a Ukrainian mercenary and a ruthless female assassin, Danny soon finds himself forced into the roles of both predator and prey—as he tries desperately to win the fight of his life.

Woah. I borrowed Emlyn Rees's first book from the library a couple of years ago after the blurb immediately drew me in. I thought it sounded very much like Simon Kernick who has written some of the most gripping books I've read. It took me just over a day to finish Emlyn's HUNTED as I could not put it down! Sam Bourne called it a shot of pure adrenaline and that is so true.

I wasn't aware of this book until a week ago and managed to nab a review copy. Well, it was pushed through my letterbox at 2.30pm, I was almost halfway through at 4.30pm and I'm writing this review at 10pm after finishing the book a few minutes ago. It's a rip-roaring, fast paced, heart stopping read and I loved every single minute of it. I can't wait to see what's to come from Rees in the future. Especially after the ending of this book. Now I LOVE a good cliffhanger but the one here, it's a cliche I know, made my jaw drop. A good cliffhanger is both exciting and frustrating and the wait for the follow up to this book will be torture.

With books like this it's hard to discuss the plot beyond what we are told from the blurb. We are introduced to 'God' who killed Danny Shanklin's family in front of him seven years ago. Apart from however, his daughter. Now released from prison God sets out to finish what he started. There's a slight problem however, Danny is now the world's most wanted man after the events of HUNTED and has taken steps to protect his daughter. Valentin Sabirzhan is on the hunt for six vials of smallpox which if released would be catastrophic. After the assassination of Colonel Zykov in London it is feared that those that killed him may know where the vials are too and before Valentin can get to them he is kidnapped.

I would've liked to have reread HUNTED first to familiarise myself with the story, I've read so many books since that one that I can't remember everything that went on, but Rees does give the reader enough information for this to be read as a standalone but you may enjoy it more reading the first book before this one.

The writing is of an extremely high standard. The story falls under what I call 'clever' thriller writing which for me requires concentration and really taking in what you are reading. Rees is a very talented writer and storyteller and clearly knows the subjects he writes about. As with the first book I read this at lightning pace but for me this book was of a much higher standard than HUNTED. HUNTED was good but Rees has certainly upped his game with this one and I am seriously excited at what the future will bring. There's so much going on that at times I had to reread or read slower than I would've liked but it's such a gripping story. The characterisation is top notch, Danny is a brilliant character. Rees writes the sorts of books you would just love to see on the big screen and this would be perfect as an action movie. Highly recommended and a book not to miss this Summer.

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