Review: LA Nights (4/5) & New York Nights (3.5/5)

Tuesday 23 September 2014
A short story from the hilarious author of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER - find out what Tamara was up to before her Ibiza adventures!

Tamara Gold was Hollywood's biggest wildchild, but the time has come to settle down at last with the man of her dreams: Jack Meadows, hunk of the moment, has finally proposed. But now she has to meet his parents - the celebrated rocker, Filthy Meadows and his fiery wife, Maria Gonzalez - ex-groupie and tiger mother. Will Tamara be able to keep her cool with her future in-laws?

A cracking short story that takes place just before the events of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER.

Having never read anything by Lucy Lord before (despite her books being on my radar) I decided to start with the short story collection recently released which introduces us to the characters featured in her latest novel A Girl Called Summer. I love a good short story as they are a good way to pass a bit of time without concentrating on a full novel.

LA Nights was incredibly short, I think it took me about twenty minutes to read. It was more of a 'short' short story if that makes sense. What it did though was introduce us brilliantly to the character of Tamara Gold, someone I would love to read more about. Once Hollywood's biggest wild child she is settling down with Jack Meadows (movie star extraordinaire and not the Superintendent from The Bill) however there's some animosity when she meets Jack's mother Maria Gonzalez. Determined to win her approval Tamara finds something that might make that easier than she first thought...

As a short it's obviously difficult to discuss the plot but it moves at a nice pace and I was really getting into the story and then the book finished! I got a very Jackie Collins vibe from the book. As my favourite author I love her books as they are full of bitchiness, sex, backstabbing, mystery, glamour and the rich and famous and despite being such a short read we got all that and more with LA Nights so A Girl Called Summer must be even better! Currently free (as of September 22nd) on Kindle it's definitely worth the download.

A short story from the hilarious author of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER - find out what Poppy was up to before her Ibiza adventures!

Poppy has flown to New York for the stag dos of her favourite GBFs (Gay Best Friends) Chase and Marco, before their civil partnership tomorrow. With the pressure on for the biggest and best Studio 54-themed bachelor night - and new husband Damian bending her ear about what might come next - Poppy needs to be on top of her game!

A cracking short story that takes place just before the events of A GIRL CALLED SUMMER.

Having finished LA Nights I immediately jumped into New York Nights. Whilst LA Nights was an enjoyable read I didn't really 'feel' the setting, this can often be the case with a short story yet with New York Nights it definitely felt like we were in the Big Apple along with Poppy and her GBFs Chase and Marco especially as it was snowing and almost Christmas. Who doesn't want to be in NYC when it's snowing? (Well, perhaps not supermodel Monique who catches the eye of Poppy's husband Damien...)

Poppy is in New York for their civil partnership, before that however there's the small matter of their bachelor party. All sounding pretty innocent, knowing the genre I was waiting for the story to really get interesting and it was fantastic when it did. Despite the party being incredibly short it was still a fun read and there were some lovely moments beforehand with Chase and Marco but can't elaborate as the enjoyment comes from discovering for yourselves!

Again, incredibly difficult to discuss the plot in any depth but I loved the character of Poppy. As with LA Nights the identity of these characters is really coming through as we get to know them and I am really excited to read more about them in A Girl Called Summer. I have a feeling when I finish Ibiza Nights and London Nights that I'll only be kicking myself for not reading Lucy's books sooner.

Source: Both books downloaded free from Amazon.

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