Review: Lily Does L.A. by Nicola Doherty (4/5)

Thursday 18 September 2014
The second instalment in this hilarious, romantic and unputdownable five-part series. Perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... novels.

Lily is an actress. At least, that's what she tells people, even though she's currently working in a call centre and her last big part was an ad for Sofa Warehouse. So when she's invited to her cousin Alice's wedding in LA, it's a dream come true. Alice's fiancé Sam is actually a Hollywood agent; how can Lily fail to get talent-spotted? There's only one problem; not only is Lily banned from mentioning acting, parts or producers to Sam, she's expected to spend the entire week doing wedding-related prep (read: chores) with Sam's boring groomsman Jesse. But Lily firmly believes that rules were made to be broken ...

Girls on Tour is an irresistible new series where ordinary girls have extraordinary fun in faraway places. Expect the unexpected, the utterly hilarious and unforgettable, on this rollercoaster ride of love, laughs, surprises and sparks. You have a VIP pass to join each girl's adventure, so pack your bags and buckle your seatbelts, because just about anything is possible...

Having read and loved Nicola's recent book If I Could Turn Back Time I was very excited about the Girls on Tour series which is about ordinary girls having extraordinary fun in faraway places. The first book Poppy Does Paris I enjoyed a lot, despite not being a huge fan of Paris. LA however is more me, and somewhere I would love to visit so I was especially excited about this installment.

With a story so short it's almost impossible to discuss the plot but Lily is an aspiring actress who to be honest I loved from the first page when she quits her call centre job when she just goes one accent too far (will make sense when you read). Her cousin is getting married in LA and Lily is invited on the condition that she won't pester her cousin's fiancĂ© Sam about the movie business. Let's just say mischief and hilarity ensues and it was a lot of fun to read. When I finished it I was left wanting more, which is both frustrating and the sign of a good read. I also love that Nicola transported us to LA in such a short space of time, often a short book can feel rushed and not capture it's setting but that definitely wasn't the case here. 

As I said in my review for Poppy does Paris I love Nicola's writing which is definitely her own style yet has the hallmarks of everything that makes a good chick lit book. It's funny yet with serious moments too with characters that have their own identity rather than being cardboard cutouts we've read about a hundred times before, I especially like that each of the shorts is focusing on a different character but remaining connected in some way rather than the focus being just on one character. 

Considering they are short stories Nicola manages to pack a lot in in such a short space of time. The character and story development over the book is fantastic and almost leaves me wishing for a full novel featuring these characters because you just get settled in and it's time to say goodbye. For a short read for half an hour or so you can't go wrong and so books one and two come highly recommended by me whilst we wait for book three Maggie does Meribel which certainly sounds interesting and is a change from the usual settings! However I think Nicola is an author who can't go wrong so I can't wait.

Thanks to Headline for the NetGalley review copy.

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