My Week in Books #15

Saturday 11 April 2015
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1. From Liverpool with Love - Lyn Andrews
2. Unravelling Oliver - Liz Nugent
3. Past Crimes - Glen Erik Hamilton
4. The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson
5. NYPD Red 3 - James Patterson

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A Place Called Winter - Patrick Gale
The Doll's House - M.J. Arlidge

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The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

I love Rea's review for The Day We Disappeared. It seems like months since we both raved about this amazing book on Twitter.

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The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson
If I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh 

Little Northern Soul
A Seaside Affair - Fern Britton
The Day We Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

Lisa Talks About
The Circle - Dave Eggers


  1. Be interested to see what you make of Dennis Lehane, Shaun - he's one of my favourite US authors (along with George Pelecanos, James Ellroy, James Lee Burke, Joseph Wambaugh, Laura Pullman, Scott Throw, Michael Connelly - do you like any of them?) I hate to say this, but they edge it over the British faves...Having said that, I know a few British crime bloggers who don't touch US crime. A lot of the writers I've mentioned are very urban and hardcore. Have you read the first two in the Coughlan trilogy? As I haven't, but I'm assured it doesn't matter. Are you going to review Runner by Patrick Lee? Have it (in the Penguin Classic Crimes we were all sent - but not read it; love to know what it's like!) My daughter is reading Unravelling Oliver, and I'm hoping she'll contribute to the review when I read it shortly (I've told her it's for the blog but it's a cunning plan to get her reading again! She stole a couple of Megan Abbotts to read when she was here, which is great, except I've never read them! She used to be such a bookstore, but now she's forever looking at her phone; she's 20.) I'll have to see what The Day We Disappeared is all about - and is The Book Of Scars William Shaw's third in the series? I'm on the second one; must try and get the third but I have SO much to read ATM! And as for Sarah Hilary - must get to that! I've stashed it since January when we were all sent them! SO looking forward to this week's reviews. I'm proofreading something at the mo, so I'm not getting through as many books as I'd like. I'm not a fast reader though, I just spend a lot of time reading!

  2. Linda, Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood Station is one of my favourite series! Also, Jeffery Deaver and Jonathan Kellerman firm favourites.

    I have read Lehane's Live By Night but not the first Coughlin novel. Review for World Gone By coming release week! Runner review coming this week.

    The Book of Scars is the third (and final!) book in the series. Shame it's only a trilogy but sometimes it's best to end things on a high than drag them out...


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