Review: The Three by Sarah Lotz

Monday 8 June 2015
Title: The Three
Author: Sarah Lotz
Publisher: Hodder
Publication Date: 26th February 2015
Pages: 480
ISBN: 9781444770384
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3.5/5
Purchase: Amazon
Black Thursday. The day that will never be forgotten. The day that four passenger planes crash, at almost exactly the same moment, at four different points around the globe.

There are only four survivors. Three are children, who emerge from the wreckage seemingly unhurt. But they are not unchanged. And the fourth is Pamela May Donald, who lives just long enough to record a voice message on her phone. A message that will change the world.

The message is a warning.

Since becoming a blogger I have discovered and read so many authors and books that I might not have taken a chance on in the past. The Three by Sarah Lotz is unlike any other book I have ever read before, and it is one where you can see on every page the effort and enthusiasm that has been put into the telling of this story by Sarah, in the most unique and intriguing way. A book within a book. It is also one of those books which, whilst it has a main 'arc', so much happens aside from that, that it is a book everybody will take something different from.

Black Thursday is a day that will never be forgotten. Four passenger planes fall from the sky, at almost exactly the same moment, at different points around the world. There are three survivors, all children, emerging from the wreckage seemingly unhurt. A fourth 'survivor' dies shortly after leaving a cryptic message on her phone that will change the world. It is a warning. Soon there's discussion about how these children survived, with some people emerging with some quite wild conspiracy theories.

The writing style, and the way in which we follow the story introduces us to a lot of characters. What stood out to me in particular was how Sarah Lotz made each of these voices, or each of these accounts, feel different. I would love to know her planning process for this book, and how she set about writing it. At times I found it hard to follow and certain things went way over my head, yet at others it became fiercely intense, full of conspiracies and real danger. It can be a frightening read, not so much in the terrifying sense, but the scary sense that something like this could actually happen. And if it did there really would be fanatics waiting in the wings (that honestly wasn't a pun) to take full advantage of the situation.

I really can't discuss the book in all that much detail, and there are far more insightful reviews out there if you are looking for a more reflective view of the story. Sarah Lotz has quite the imagination, and there's no better person to write a book than somebody like that. The Three can be a strange read, one that is difficult to follow but that is mostly rewarding if you persevere. It is a thought-provoking book, one that I think many a book club could discuss for hours. It is quite a remarkable book for an author to write, and I can't wait to read Day Four to see how it compares to The Three.


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