Review: Betrayed by Jacqui Rose (5/5)

Saturday 29 March 2014
Once again I finish a book wishing I was better at writing reviews as there's so much I want to say about this one! I first discovered Jacqui Rose when I read her debut novel TAKEN. I was searching for similar authors to Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole. I definitely found someone worthy of comparison to the Queen of the Underworld. Jacqui is an incredibly talented author and I cannot recommend her work highly enough!

I finished TAKEN and again was lost for words. I knew that when her second book was released, I had to get it instantly. It was even better than the first. Now, normally it would be a case of waiting at least 12 months for an author's next book, not so with Jacqui. She spoils us with two books a year! The fact she can write two books of such high quality in a year just shows how talented she is. 

Back to BETRAYED however and it was definitely near the top of my most anticipated books of 2014. So much so that I downloaded it just after midnight from Amazon. I started to read it but didn't want to rush it so rationed it over a couple of days! Books like this are so good you could read them in a few hours but I didn't want to rush it. One thing about Jacqui is she creates amazing characters. She creates ones who are extremely likeable but it's the villains, think bad, multiply it by 100 and you might be near to how bad her villains are! Particularly in this book. Parts of it made me feel sick, my heart was beating so fast I could actually hear it trying to jump out of my chest! I was literally on the edge of my seat not blinking for the last few chapters. I'm going to put my finger through my Kindle one of these days!

Jacqui's books tend to be set in the same 'world'. By that I mean they feature mentions of the same characters in Soho. To me that makes the book feel a little bit more authentic and it's almost like you are just picking up where you left off even though all her books can be read standalone and DISHONOUR wasn't set in London. It's hard to talk about the story too much as it'd give too much away. I can say though that the story here is one of the strongest yet from Jacqui. Very fast paced, full of villains and wannabe villains looking for revenge against Del Williams. One chapter ends and you just cannot not read the next one!

Fans of Jessie Keane, Martina Cole and the amazing Kimberley Chambers who are yet to read a Jacqui Rose book need to do so right now! And for those of you who have read one of Jacqui's books, well you will love this too. Luckily for us we don't have too long to wait for the next book! AVENGED is out in August and I am already ridiculously excited for it. Years back one author owned this genre, now fans are spoilt for choice and Jacqui is right at the top with Kimberley Chambers (I'm going to hijack this review and say if you haven't read any of Kim's books, READ THEM!!!). In fact if Jacqui and Kimberley wrote a book together I don't think I could cope with it's amazingness. Don't miss this one, buy it now!

And you can buy it on Kindle or in paperback from Amazon!

You can follow Jacqui on Twitter, find out more about her on her website or find out more about her fantastic books over on Harper Collins

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