Review: The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello (5/5)

Friday 28 March 2014
I first read a Jane Costello book last year and that book was The Wish List. I absolutely loved it. Jane had been on my to read list for a while as her books are set in Liverpool, the best city in the world and the place I was born and live. Liverpool girls are also the funniest, smartest, sexiest, best dressed women* in the UK world and so I knew a chick lit book set in Liverpool was a must read and would feature some great characters. I stormed through The Wish List and immediately went to Amazon to get Jane's other books.

*Okay okay that's a little bit biased I know...

I think there's one I haven't read yet but I can safely say that I think this, The Time of Our Lives is her best book yet. In my opinion it's probably one of the best chick lit books of the last few years! That could be because I write reviews immediately after finishing a book and so am on a high/still in the characters' world but this book was pretty amazing...

I was actually a bit wary of reading it as it wasn't set in Liverpool however that didn't matter one iota as after a few chapters I was hooked and Liverpool wasn't even on my mind. I'm actually the same as Imogen, our lead character. I love Liverpool but London also holds a place in my heart and I'd move there tomorrow if I could.

Just from the opening of this book I knew it was going to be hilarious. I imagine Jane must've had so much fun writing this book. I forget how many times I laughed out loud or read and reread paragraphs over and over again. Especially watching EastEnders last night (that should make sense when you read this book). She certainly has a way with words, I could fill a whole review with one liners from this book but they really are best read by the reader in the book rather than being spoiled here.

Imogen sets out to have the holiday of all holidays with her two (amazing) friends Meredith and Nicola. I immediately liked all three characters, despite being a man (24) most of my friends in school were girls and so these three powerhouses are definitely girls I could be friends with. From the airport to the hotel room it was clear that the holiday of all holidays was going to be anything but.

I don't like to speak about the story itself too much but safe to say it is wonderful. Especially just after halfway through when the reader learns something that I just did not see coming. You may shed a few tears whilst reading this book but it's all good, ultimately it's about three women discovering themselves and changing things in their life that maybe they didn't think they wanted to change or were scared to. The last few chapters especially were fantastic and I couldn't read quick enough!

As always with finishing a great book such as this I am euphoric and want to shout from the rooftops how fantastic it is but I am also disappointed that my time with these three ladies is over. If you have never read a Jane Costello book before and are a chick lit fan then hold out your wrist and take this virtual slap *slap*. If you have read a Jane Costello book before then get on Amazon right now, download it and read it as I am sure you will love it as much as I did. I will certainly be getting a physical copy soon I hope. Jane really is one of the best chick lit writers out there and is definitely in my top five all time favourites!
You can purchase this amazing book in paperback or on Kindle on Amazon.


Now to wait for the next one...

Oh and thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy!


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