Review: Unlucky 13 by James Patterson (5/5)

Thursday 20 March 2014

13 may be unlucky for some but it definitely isn't for James Patterson who gives us the latest installment in the Women's Murder Club series which, for me, just happens to be the best one yet...

One of my favourite series of books is Patterson's Women's Murder Club. Featuring a fantastic cast of characters and the over the top storylines that Patterson does best they are among some of my most favourite crime fiction books. And so I eagerly await their release each year and read them as soon as possible. I sat down to read this one and after a few hours I knew I wouldn't be moving until the end. 

I finished the book after just a few hours as with a Patterson book the short chapters always end on a cliffhanger and it is just impossible to stop reading. My heart was in my mouth for the majority of the book. Opening with a bomb blast on the Golden Gate Bridge, things become even scarier when it turns out the bomb came from inside actual persons. We then also learn that Mackie Morales has escaped from hospital who regular readers will be aware of and even further in the book another major storyline begins but to say more would be spoiling the story...

Patterson's books really do read like movies and this one was no different. Reading about Lindsey, Yuki, Cindy and Claire is like meeting up with old friends again. It really is hard to believe that this is book number 13 however the series shows no signs of slowing down or deteriorating in quality as as I said this was probably the best book so far. Also authors tend to write books putting their characters in danger but you know they will always be okay in the end, regular readers of the WMC books will know that this isn't always the case here and so certain parts of the book definitely had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen to the Club members. 

Overall this is definitely one not to miss for WMC fans and it definitely will not disappoint. For readers unfamiliar with the Women's Murder Club (where have you been?!) it probably could be read as a standalone but I really would reccommend going back to the start and enjoying all 13 books in this series.


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