Review: Step Back In Time by Ali McNamara (5/5)

Wednesday 12 March 2014
A while ago I read From Notting Hill with Love... Actually and absolutely loved it. It is now probably one of my favourite chick lit books and if ever a book was made for the big screen then that is it. The follow up was amazing and I already impatiently waiting for book three which in my opinion cannot come quick enough. My favourite film of all time is Back to the Future. I am however yet to find a book which makes time travel seem anything other than stupid. Until now...

Whilst at times I found myself as confused as Jojo I did love the concept here and thought it worked very well. When Jojo is run over by a car she wakes up to find herself in 1964. Also in 1964 however are people that she knew from the present day. 

George, a record shop owner, her employee Ellie and Harry. George is the only person from the present day that knows Jojo has gone back in time though. I found that having the presence of these characters in all the time periods made the book better and helped me enjoy it more, even though Ellie and Harry are different people in each period. Very different people in Harry's case! Jojo then finds herself in the 70s, 80s and 90s each time living a very different life and learning new things about herself. And helping certain people along the way...

I found myself wondering along with Jojo why she had travelled back in time and whether she actually had or was it all a dream? I think Ali McNamara has captured each time period well and I found the whole thing very believable. I loved the Beatles references, and the 90s scenes especially at the Take That concert where they talk about Gary Barlow in the future. I felt that perhaps Jojo could've spent a bit more time in each time period but I don't know whether that was because I read the book too fast or she actually wasn't there for long enough! It's hard to talk about the story too much without giving it away, this is really one of those books people should read, discover and love for themselves.

The Notting Hill books are still my favourite from Ali but Step Back In Time is definitely a book to read and one you will be recommending to everybody. 

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