Review: Voodoo Doll by Leah Giarratano (5/5)

Thursday 20 March 2014
A while ago I was searching for crime fiction set in Australia when I discovered an author called Leah Giarratano. I eagerly downloaded the first book in this series called Vodka Doesn't Freeze and had it read after just a few sittings. It was probably one of the strongest and most enjoyable crime fiction debuts I have read. After finishing this, book number two in the Jill Jackson series I am kicking myself for not having read it sooner.

This is crime fiction with a psychological element which for me is the absolute best kind. Leah has created one hell of a character in Jill Jackson and I think she's great. She is written excellently and believably which makes the book so much better than if she was just another bland detective that any old author could be writing about. 

This time she finds herself promoted with a transfer to a taskforce targeting gang-related home invasions on south western Sydney. Oddly she finds herself working in Liverpool which was confusing for me as I live in Liverpool, UK which I imagine is a million miles away from the Liverpool here. 

Funnily I found myself wondering how gang-related home invasions could be written about for a whole book but, silly me, there was so much more to it than that. Not only do we have Jill finding her feet with new colleagues and a new police station we also follow the killer himself and Jill and her colleagues as they try to hunt him down. In the background are also various side stories from other characters affected by the home invasions. It never gets confusing however which is usually the case in some crime fiction books where the author is just throwing too much at you at once.

Despite knowing who the killer is this book was still unputdownable and kept me reading until the very early hours of the morning! I have books number three and four queued up and ready to go but unfortunately they seem to stop there and I feel that Jill Jackson is a character who deserves so much more than four books and so I hope Leah has plans to write more books featuring her in the future. Overall this was a fantastic read and one that I would say is worth the price on Kindle in the UK, not sure how easily obtainable the paperback copy is but it is definitely worth getting hold of if you are a fan of well written crime fiction. Plus the Australian setting makes a difference from the usual boring settings we are used to. 


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