Blog Tour: Love Like The Movies by Victoria Van Tiem (4/5)

Friday 1 August 2014
Kenzi Shaw knows the plot of her life down to the last line - the career she's building as an up-and-coming marketing exec, the gorgeous fiancé (Bradley) she'll marry in a fairytale wedding, the children they'll raise in her dream home. But when heart-breaking ex Shane comes back into her life, life starts going off the script...

Shane tries to win Kenzi over by re-enacting all the rom-com movies they used to watch together - Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones's Diary, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing to name a few. He's just a guy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to trust him again. But has he really changed? Not only is her head in a spin over Shane, but now her job is on the line. And with her perfect sister-in-law showing up every tiny thing Kenzi does wrong, she feels like she's permanently in the corner.

Should she risk her sensible life for the chance of a Happy Ever After? One thing's certain, when Shane meets Kenzi (again), she's suddenly not so sure who her leading man is . . .

Perfect for fans of From Notting Hill with Love . . . Actually and You Had Me at Hello. Grab some popcorn, hit the sofa and enjoy this feel-good and very funny novel.

I'm excited to be part of the blog tour today for this fantastic book. One of my favourite chick lit series of all time is Ali McNamara's Notting Hill series so seeing the comparison to that series to Love Like the Movies got me extremely excited to read it. As a debut novelist I had no expectations whatsoever having obviously never read this author before so I just wanted a really fun read, well I got that and more. I really loved this book and can't wait to read more from Victoria. I would say I'm not a huge fan of the cover. I think everybody judges a book on its cover, especially when in a supermarket where you may have two or three minutes to pick a book - this one doesn't really stand out from the crowd. I like the idea of the cover, just not the colours. The US cover is very different to the UK but I'm not a fan of that one either (sorry)!

From the title and the blurb I don't need to tell you this book is very rom-com centric. The book is littered with film references and I loved it. Our main character is Kenzi, or Kensington and I have to admit it took me a bit of time to get used to this name. Kensington to me is a place name not a person's name! She is engaged to Bradley and at a dinner to discuss the engagement is overshadowed by her sister-in-law's pregnancy announcement. She decides to check her Facebook account and has a friend request from her first love, Shane. Accidentally accepting she sets off the first of many disastrous and amazing events involving Shane over the course of the book! It's not all humour and ridiculousness though, overall it's a very heartwarming and touching read with some absolutely wonderful characters.

This book is written like and could be a film, it would just work so well. Shane turns up at the ad agency where Kenzi works as a potential client, but to get his business she has to live out ten movie moments with him. I won't ruin it by listing them but I've seen 7 of the 10 films! What follows is one of the funniest and most enjoyable stories I have read in a chick lit book. Kenzi gets herself into some outrageously funny situations and I couldn't turn the pages quick enough. My favourite part of the book was probably the ending. Chick lit books usually do have good endings anyway apart from a rare few but the one here was pretty much perfect. I also love that the chapters are all titled based off films headed up with 'Now Showing'. For rom-com fans looking for a seriously enjoyable and fun read you should definitely pick this book up. A must read this Summer! The writing was brilliant also and reminicent of somebody writing for years, can't wait to see what's to come from Victoria in the future!

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