Review: Resistant by Michael Palmer (3.5/5)

Friday 8 August 2014
From New York Times bestselling author Michael Palmer comes his nineteenth heart-stopping thriller at the crossroads of politics and medicine, featuring the much-loved Dr Lou Welcome.
A shocking medical-political thriller featuring Dr Lou Welcome by the New York Times bestselling author and master of suspense. For fans of Robin Cooke and Michael Connelly.

When Dr Lou Welcome has to fill in for his boss at the Physical Wellness Office, giving a speech at a national conference in Atlanta, he takes advantage of the opportunity to have an exclusive tour of the Center for Disease Control. As he watches scientists talk about antibacterial resistance and biological weaponry before disappearing into mysterious restricted labs, Lou can't help but wonder about the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Little does he know that a scientist working a top-secret project will be kidnapped, and Lou will become enmeshed in a case that could have fatal consequences across the country...

I have this annoying habit of seeing a book and wanting it and then finding out that it is part of a series. However having never read any of the books in this series or indeed anything by the author I read this as a standalone and really enjoyed it. Upon Googling Michael Palmer he sadly passed away in October 2013 so this is his final novel (which was mostly written by him I'm led to believe and brought to fruition by his family). I'll definitely be seeking out earlier books from him to hopefully read one day if my TBR becomes less of a mountain.

Medical thrillers aren't something I've read a lot of but they are the stories that freak me out the most because the idea of something on the scale such as what is described here happening is a very scary thought. In this day and age there is so much technological advancement and growing ways to kill a person but as has been the case for hundreds of years, medicine is still one of the most deadly, lethal and scary ways. A bacteria has been found for which there is no known cure. It is being used to threaten the US government into abolishing the various entitlement services the US have (Social Security, Medicare etc). Brought in to find a cure is Dr Lou Welcome.

My knowledge of advancements in medicine and the world of politics could be written on one half of a postage stamp but I have to say I was gripped to this story once the book got going. As said earlier the idea of something like this happening is horrifying but at the same time a little bit believable. Of course this is fiction, boundaries are pushed and belief is withheld a little bit but at the same time the underlying theory is possible. Extremely fast paced it's a hard book to put down and if read late at night will soon find you listening to the birds as the sun begins to rise. An enjoyable read.

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