Review: Deliver Us To Dublin... With Care by Aimée Duffy (4/5)

Thursday 28 August 2014
Part 7 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud Rom-Com series of short stories.

Miserable, lonely and broken hearted, Ciara returns to Dublin on a mission to sort out her life. A job is at the top of the list but a visit to the doctor has surprising repercussions.

She refuses to drift apart from her friends now that real life has begun, struggles to fit in new relationships and still has to deal with everything else fate throws her way.

But even Ciara should know that there’s always something a little bit special to be found at the end of the rainbow…

The ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun!

I am seriously gutted to have reached the end of this fantastic series. They have been the perfect tonic over the past few weeks which have been full of rain. I also haven't been on holiday this year yet feel like I've been to LA and Florence by way of Miami, Paris and Greece. If you haven't yet read the previous books, starting with Trouble in Tinseltown then close this page, fire up your Kindle and enjoy... I can't recommended the series enough yet it's almost impossible to discuss this final book without giving plot details away.

Ciara's holiday is over and she is brought back down to Earth with a bang. After the dramatic events of Flirting in Florence she is even more unhappy than she has been in the previous books but is attempting to find a way to muddle through. With the girls being in different parts of the world the format changes slightly and we see correspondence between the three in the form of emails. I found that this worked quite well given that it would be unrealistic to force the three of them together in Dublin given the events of the previous books! I find also that people are a lot more open and willing to talk honestly in the written form rather than face to face and that was definitely the case here.

Elle annoyed me massively in the previous book, in fact throughout the series she's just come across as a spoilt know it all yet she definitely redeemed herself here. The previous books have increased the tension and excitement at getting to Dublin and without giving too much away it wasn't a disappointment. I was 99% sure of how the series would conclude but there's definitely a few shocks and surprises in the book before we reach the end.

To me reading this book was like the final night of a holiday, you wish there was some way to make it longer, you are devastated when it's over but ultimately full of happy memories at the fun you've had. I've absolutely loved this series of shorts and if I had my way they would have went on for longer... Aimée's bio at the end of the book says that when she was younger the one thing she loved about reading was how stories can touch you so deeply and how she wants to do this for her readers. I can say that she definitely has achieved that here, I've lived every moment throughout these books and loved them all. I'm just gutted it's over.
Thanks to Aimée for the review copy. 

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