Review: Gaz (and My Parsnip) by Gary Beadle (5/5)

Wednesday 20 August 2014
In 2011, loveable ladies magnet Gary Beadle was jobless and down to his last £20 when he was randomly asked to be in a reality TV show called Geordie Shore. He'd never heard of its American predecessor, Jersey Shore, but with his only prospects being his next dole cheque - and swayed by the offer of free booze - he signed himself up for the challenge. He could never have anticipated the insane new life he was about to lead.
From a shy youngster at school, who was the captain of his football team, Gary also never expected the effect he would have on the British public - especially its women. After leaving school at 16, Gary fell into a variety of jobs, even having a brief spell in the Royal Marines. Unfortunately, nothing stuck and, by the time he reached 22, he hadn't a clue what to do next - until the night he was asked to join the cast of MTV's Geordie Shore.
Now, for the first time, Gary reveals what growing up in his native Newcastle was like, explains his winning luck with the ladies, and offers up his much sought after tips on how to bag a bird on a night out: something he's proved he's pretty much an expert at. From job-hunting to making public appearances in front of thousands of screaming girls, Gary is secretly amazed by the change in his fortunes. He may be known for his crazy, fun-loving nature, but there's much more to Gary than girls, booze and nights out. And it's all packed into this - his autobiography.
I'm sure there's only a few people in the UK unaware of Geordie Shore and those that are aware of it probably have an opinion on it. Personally I love the show and the people on it. I recently read Vicky's autobiography and that was a complete eye opener. After reading Gaz's I can only say the same, what he has achieved from just appearing on a TV show drinking and having sex is incredible. A clothing range, a shop, owns a Ferrari, a nightclub in Zante, fitness products, the list goes on and this is all from appearing on Geordie Shore. Crazy. 

I loved reading about Gaz growing up, especially when he was in school. He was a right little tearaway but at the same time still got the results. His teenage years were certainly eventful with the possibility of playing for Newcastle to joining the Marines his life could have went in so many different directions but it seems fate was only going to lead him to one point... That is of course Geordie Shore and it was interesting to read about how the show came about and what went on after having read Vicky's book from someone else that had went through it too. I can definitely relate to Gaz in not knowing what to do with my life or where it's going to go but unfortunately I don't think there's a producer waiting in the wings to come and change my life... 

There is some behind the scenes gossip and some secrets revealed but nothing too shocking, it's essentially just the seasons recapped from Gaz's POV which plenty of details about his conquests throughout. He also speaks with honesty about Charlotte and how much he cares about her but anyone watching the show knows he never promised anything yet always comes out looking the bad guy. He does after all play a character or a 'role' as each of the housemates do but underneath it all is a decent lad who has been brought up well but is living a life most of us can only dream about.

I thought the target audience for this book would be girls but the book contains at the end of each chapter Parsnip Pointers which gives lads tips on everything from pulling a girl on holiday to achieving the holy grail: a threesome. Gaz has literally given out all his best tips but to be honest I think girls love him too much to take any offence whilst reading it, they do throw themselves at him after all... For that reason the book does appeal to both males and females. Ultimately it was a very enjoyable read and a good way for Gaz to get his side of the story across as and at the end of the day he gets the last laugh over the haters as he's loaded and only seems to get more successful as the seasons go on.

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