30 Day Book Challenge - Day 1: Best Book I Read Last Year

Monday 21 April 2014

In 2013 I read 170 books. It's a difficult choice to make but I'll choose The Trap by Kimberley Chambers. It was released in January 2013 and when I read it I was pretty confident it would be one of my most enjoyed books of the year.

Kimberley has became one of my favourite authors of all time after reading all of her books over the last couple of years. She is yet to write a bad one (and personally I don't think she ever will). Kimberley is probably sick of seeing me on her Twitter timeline but I honestly can't reccommend her books highly enough and talk about them to anybody who will listen. 

The Trap is the first in a trilogy of books featuring the Butler family. The Butlers are surely one of Kimberley's best creations so far, they are an amazing family with some wonderful characters, and a downright evil character in Vinny Butler (who is at the same time a fantastic character). Similar to books from Martina Cole, Jessie Keane and Jacqui Rose this is a story spanning a few decades set in London's underworld. I have been obsessed with the underworld from a very young age, especially the Krays, I would (and still do) read and watch absolutely anything and everything about them, and read anything to do with true crime, gangsters, the mafia etc so books from authors like Kim are just perfect for me.

You can read my review of The Trap over on Goodreads.

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