30 Day Book Challenge - Day 4: A Book I've Read More Than 3 Times

Thursday 24 April 2014

Okay so I'm going to guess that most people reading this will have never heard of this book but it's Tunnel Vision by Keith Lowe. I probably shouldn't admit it but I'm a huge Tube nerd and there just isn't enough decent fiction set on the London Underground. 

This book is based upon the 'Tube Challenge' which is where a person(s) attempts to visit all of the stations on the Underground network in the fastest time possible. The books character is called Andy and the only difference he has to anybody else in his attempt to complete the challenge is that he made a drunken bet with a 'friend' and this friend has hidden various items such as Andy's credit card and Eurostar tickets to Paris around the network. If Andy can't get to them on time he will miss his train and lose his fiancee forever.

I must say the premise for this book might sound a bit unappealing to some but it really is a fantastic book. Along the way Andy bumps into a tramp called Brian who at first glance disgusts Andy but they become friends during the day and there are some funny and touching moments along the way. Andy also experiences a few problems during the day, just think of everything that could go wrong when travelling on the Tube and multiply it by ten!

I've read this more than three times as I used to read it before every trip to London, the only problem now is I visit so frequently I just couldn't read it every single time I went to London.

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