30 Day Book Challenge - Day 5: My Favourite Author

Friday 25 April 2014
Okay so as I'm changing the days/picking new challenges for the 30 Day Book Challenge today I chose My Favourite Author.

Of all time? Jackie Collins without a doubt. And well, she needs no introduction... 500+ million copies of her books sold, they have never been out of print, 30 New York Times bestsellers sold in over 40 counties etc...

A few years ago I bought the book CHANCES from Waterstone's and the rest, as they say, is history. Chances is quite simply, amazing and the best book I've ever read. It's also one of the longest books I've read. It's almost like 4 or 5 books in one because there is that much going on. It also features my favourite female fictional character of all time, Lucky Santangelo. But more about her on when Favourite Female comes up on the 30 Day Challenge.

Jackie's books are often looked down upon by the sorts of readers that like to think they are intellectual and only read books to make them look good but in actual fact Jackie's books are about so much more than the sex. The storylines she comes up with never fail to shock and amuse, and are based on real people so even better! She also writes about strong, independent women which is a positive for female readers surely. Also unlike some female authors who just write about how amazing women are and create weak male characters, Jackie also writes about powerful, successful men, Gino Santangelo anyone? That's not to say there aren't weak men in her books, but they aren't written in a way which portrays women as perfect and men as inferior. 

My favourite books from Jackie are Chances, Lucky, Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge and American Star. The first three are the first books in the Santangelo series and American Star is a standalone which is amazing. Jackie's books are glamorous and the perfect escapism read but what I particularly like about them is they often have a mystery element and they take you all around the world. 

I eagerly await Jackie's latest release every year but the book I wish she would write the most is her life story. We've heard plenty about her life from interviews over the years but it would be fantastic to read all about it in a book. It would certainly be one hell of a read that's for sure. But 2014 is about continuing the Santangelo story and I personally cannot wait, it's one of my most anticipated books of the year and can't come quick enough!

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