Blog Tour: Q&A with Nicola Doherty for If I Could Turn Back Time

Monday 21 April 2014

Today I am very excited to be part of my first ever blog tour for Nicola Doherty's fantastic book, If I Could Turn Back Time. It's in the form of a Q&A and is my first ever Q&A with an author and I was incredibly nervous but Nicola has given some great answers so I hope you enjoy reading them!

Also check out my 5 star review for If I Could Turn Back Time which is definitely one of the best chick lit books I've read so far this year. I highly reccommend it.

If you could turn back time what part of your life would you choose to relive? Good (to enjoy again!) or bad (to do differently?)

I wouldn’t go back to anything bad, in case I got stuck there! If I could go back anywhere I’d probably go back to my wedding day and join in all the conversations I missed while I was on the dance floor. Or else I’d go back to my holiday in California in 2011 and this time we’d stay at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur instead of driving past it … But in general, writing this book has made me realize that time travel is a bad idea!

Describe your book using only one sentence?

It’s about a girl who goes back in time to revisit a relationship that she thinks she messed up.

Are any of the characters in 'If I Could Turn Back Time' based on real people?

I feel as if they are now because I know them so well, but no they’re not, though there are snippets here and there. A friend once dated a guy with a possessive female best friend, which inspired Jenny. And Max shares his odd taste in music with my husband. Zoe has some elements of me – like her, I think life’s what you make it and I like to ‘make things happen’ as she puts it – but she’s more stylish than me and she wears fake tan which I never do.

Do you take inspiration from any other chick lit authors and do you have any favourites that you love to read?

Jilly Cooper is the queen of the genre as far as I’m concerned, or maybe Queen Mother with Marian Keyes being reigning HRH. I read lots of contemporary authors – Emily Giffin, Gemma Burgess, Hester Browne to name just a few – but I try not to be too influenced by them.

Did you plot out the beginning middle and end of the story or did it change as you wrote the book?

The overall arc of the book is still pretty much as I planned it when I first thought of the story, but a lot of secondary details changed along the way. One thing I did after the first draft was to put in a lot more action and different locations – too much was happening inside Zoe’s flat!

If your book was adapted to the big screen which actors would you cast?

Great question. I’d cast Christian Bale as David, Andrew Garfield as Max and Hayley Atwell or maybe Mila Kunis as Zoe … she doesn’t look very Irish but I’d be very happy with that casting

I was intrigued to read about your Girls on Tour series, can you tell us about it?

I’m not allowed say too much yet but it involves a group of friends, different locations, hot men and lots of laughs!

Thanks to Nicola for answering the questions and Frances Gough at Headline and bookbridgr for allowing me to take part.
You can buy If I Could Turn Back Time now from Amazon

You can also pre-order the first book in the Girls on Tour series, Poppy Does Paris too!

The tour is almost over but check out the poster below in case you missed any of the stops (click to enlarge): 

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