30 Day Book Challenge - Day 7: Favourite Classic Book

Sunday 27 April 2014

Of Mice and Men. I love this book. Like most people I first read it for GCSE English and should probably hate it. I hate everything else we did back then, Inspector Calls, poetry, ugh anything that you had to analyse and read over and over. Apart from however this book. I've read it so many times since I left school. Also I'm sure there's nobody that isn't aware of the ending but whenever I read this book I still read it wishing that the ending is going to be different, it's so heartbreaking and I always hate reading that part. The film version just heightens those emotions and I can remember my whole English class being in silence for it when usually they couldn't stay quiet for a minute. A fantastic book that people who have never read it should do so ASAP.

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