Review: Betrayed by Anna Smith (5/5)

Thursday 24 April 2014
You don't mess with Rosie Gilmour and get away with it.

Crime reporter Rosie Gilmour is back at The Post, bruised and battered from her last investigation but determined to find missing barmaid Wendy Graham.

Convinced that Wendy is the key to an explosive new story, Rosie's search leads her deep into the dangerous world of Glasgow's Ulster Volunteer Force.

This time, Rosie will find herself at the mercy of the most vicious gangsters she's ever encountered.

Has she met her match? 

Well, isn't Rosie Gilmour the cat with nine lives? She just cannot resist getting herself into danger and this book was no different. I am a huge fan of the Rosie Gilmour series after I borrowed Screams in the Dark (book three) from the library about a year ago. I enjoyed the story, the writing and the character of Rosie so much that I immediately bought the other two for my Kindle. Anna is a very talented writer and the stories she tells are very gripping, the one in this book was no different. I was positively euphoric when my NetGalley request was approved!

First things first you always know a book is going to be good when you are hooked just from the Prologue! The book opens and introduces us to UVF members Eddie, Jimmy and Mitch. Straightaway I took a disliking to Eddie, he came across as the sort of person you see in a pub and just know to steer clear of because he's trouble. As the villain of the book he was great in that respect, but a truly despicable character to read about. I wanted him to get his comeuppance all the way through the book. Jimmy and Mitch come across as horrible people but I felt that Jimmy at least had some sort of a conscience. He is just scared of Eddie and the consequences which come with trying to get out of the UVF. The Prologue ends with Jimmy getting a call from his girlfriend Wendy telling him she has been raped by Eddie. When Jimmy turns up at Wendy's flat she has disappeared. Voluntarily or not? And so the story begins, and in comes Rosie to try and find out where she's gone. 

Rosie interviews Wendy's friend Liz who is trying to expose Eddie because of his involvement in the drugs business. There's also a bad batch of coke doing the rounds which is killing people and appears to be connected to Eddie. Rosie then goes undercover to Utrecht and Seville in her attempt to gather evidence against Eddie and the UVF with the help of familiar characters from previous books. But of course it's not as simple as that and Rosie runs into a few problems along the way. Rosie is just a fantastic character and quite fearless, she has an abusive background and that plays a big role both in this book and previous ones. After about 50% of this book I was hooked and there was no question of me moving until I reached the end. I especially enjoy books which take characters out of the UK, and the Rosie Gilmour books definitely do that. Rosie's personal life also plays a part in the book, specifically the relationship aspect of it.

There are some scenes in this book which are definitely not for the faint hearted but for me personally the more of that the better! My one negative with this book was that it was too short! Or maybe I just read it too fast? I read it in just two sittings and when I finished it I was gutted and left wanting more. I can't wait for Rosie's next adventure, if the previous books are anything to go by it'll be another thrilling rollercoaster read and I am already counting down the days till its release. Thanks Anna for another fantastic read and thanks to Quercus for the review copy via NetGalley!

Betrayed is OUT NOW on Kindle and May 8th in paperback! Buy it on Amazon

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